Mi Root Redmi Note 7 in 1 Minute


Oct 4, 2018
Root Redmi Note 7 (Quick and Easy)
Today we will be going to root our Redmi Note 7 using Redmi Note 7 Rooter. The simplest and easiest way to root your device. This software requires you to unlock your bootloader. After unlocking your bootloader you can use the Rooter to Root your Device.

Redmi Note 7 Rooter New.PNG

How to Root Redmi Note 7
  1. You need to unlock the bootloader. Follow this link how to unlock mi account and unlock the bootloader (Unlocking Bootloader of Redmi Note 7 will reset your device)
  2. Once your bootloader is unlocked then Download the Required File by clicking on Download button below.
  3. After downloading the file, Extract the zip file and Install the Driver.msi
  4. After Installing the Driver make sure that USB Debugging is enabled
  5. Now its time to Root Redmi Note 7, Connect your device with computer using USB
  6. A popup message will show on your device, Simply tap on OK
  7. Now click on the Refresh button in Rooter
  8. Click on Root to Root Redmi Note 7
How to Root Redmi Note 7 with (English Subtitle) Video


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