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Oct 4, 2018
OnePlus 6T is the successor of OnePlus 6 release on 1st November 2019. I decided to build this root tool because I think that many users don't know how to use ADB and Fastboot. It's pretty easy to root your OnePlus 6T in less than 5minutes.

What is OnePlus 6T Manager?
OnePlus 6T Manager has the ability to Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP, Recovery, Root, UnRoot, Install APK, Fastboot to Normal, Transfer File to Device, Reboot device to Bootloader, Restart OnePlus 6, Reboot device to Recovery and also has ADB & Fastboot Tools.

Unlock Bootloader: Now you can easily unlock your OnePlus 6T Bootloader (USB Debugging and OEM Unlock should be ON)
You can easily root your OnePlus 6T using our software in less then 2Minutes. (USB Debugging and OEM Unlock should be ON)
Now You can easily UnRoot OnePlus 6T using OnePlus 6T Manager. (This function will only work if you have rooted your OnePlus 6T using OnePlus 6T Rooter or OnePlus 6T Manager)
Flash TWRP:
You can easily flash TWRP Recovery using a one-click button.
Install APK: OnePlus 6T Manager has the power to Install APK directly from your computer to your Device.
Transfer File to Device: Now transfer any file to your device easily using OnePlus 6T Manager

OnePlus 6T Manager
OnePlus 6T Manager Image.PNG

OnePlus 6T Rooter Image 1
OnePlus 6T Rooter.PNG

OnePlus 6T Rooter Image 2
OnePlus 6T Rooter Success.PNG

How to Root OnePlus 6T
1. Install adb-setup-1.4.3.exe
2. Connect your device via USB to computer
3. Enable Developer Option, Oem Unlock, and USB Debugging
4. Install OnePlus 6T Manager
5. Run OnePlus 6T Manager and click on Unlock Bootloader
6. Click on Root to Root your device.
Download OnePlus 6T Rooter
Version 3.0 (International Version) - (Recommended)
Version 2.0 (International Version) - (depreciated)
Version 1.0 (Old Version) - (depreciated)
Video Tutorial

Friends if you rooted your device then please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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Mar 20, 2019
I was trying to unlock bootloader but I was unable to do it with your 6t manager