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Every time when we root our android phone using TWRP or some other tools that are available online, We always think about whether our phone is fully rooted or not. Sometimes we successfully root our device and sometimes the phone is not rooted. To fix this, there is an app available on Play Store named as Root Checker. If you don’t know what is Root Checker, then let me tell you that its an app that actually checks if you have successfully rooted your phone, but sadly its has fewer features.

So you might be wondering what is CheckerPro? CheckerPro is an official app developed by an author Tech Rifle and By using this application you can check the root status of your device. Not only this app checks root status but it also has many additional features which you won’t get on Rooter Checker or other apps.

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CheckerPro Features:

  1. Root Checker
  2. BusyBox Checker
  3. Treble Checker

So, I already mentioned what is Root Checker and it comes out of the box when you install CheckerPro. Now coming to second feature BusyBox, it’s a software that can be installed via Magisk or from Play Store. BusyBox is Linux utility software which cannot be installed on normal Android Phones and can only be installed on Rooted Devices. So if you have to check whether BusyBox is installed you can install CheckerPro.

If you have rooted your android phone, then you might be wondering whether you will receive and install OTA updates or not. To make life easier CheckerPro also includes Treble Checker that actually checks if you will receive OTA update after rooting your device. So, guys, you can get all these features by installing only one amazing app on your phone, and the best thing is it’s actually free.

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