5 Android Apps That You Must Try

Android Apps are the most powerful than what you think. Most of the apps can be found on Play Store and some apps cannot be found because it violates Google Play Terms and Conditions. So today I am going to share you 5 Android apps that help to get safe, secure and control your digital life. Don’t use these apps to manipulate systems. Here is a list of 5 Android Apps that caught my eye and I thought I would share with you in this article.

Protect Me Android App
1. Protect Me Android App

First Android App in my list is Protect Me which is available for free on Google Play Store. If you have multiple android devices you must install this app because this application is very useful. By using this app you can backup your device data instantly and securely. You can also backup and upload your data on the cloud if you have created Protect Me account. This app also includes many features like Location Tracking, Play Sound, Record surrounding, Screen Capture, Remote camera, Innovative Theft Recovery Technology. To me Protect Me is a very useful app and also one think should be noticed that it doesn’t contain any ads, and after downloading this app if you signup for the first time you get 30 days free trial.

2. Free Call Android App

Free Call is a very popular Android VOIP calling app with over 100K+ active users. The application size is 7.6MB which is very small and by using this Android App you can make a free call with wifi or cellular data. Free Call Android App let you make calls globally to your friends even if they don’t have network access on their phone. Free Call Android App works on credit and by installing this application you will get 2000 credits to make instant calls. There is also a referral program in this app to let you earn 5000 extra credits to make calls. The only downside of this Free Call app is it’s bloated with ads and in-app purchases.

3. Call Assistant – Fake Call

Call Assistant – Fake Call is another awesome app that helps you to schedule a call to your own Android device. There is also another feature that helps you to make an urgent call in case of emergency. Call Assistant – Fake Call is not a VOIP app, so you cannot make calls to another number. You can only make calls on your own device by adding number and name. This is a fake calling app to make fun with friends and also this app includes free calling themes of different phone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Motorola, Samsung, Vivo and more.

4. Cube Call Recorder ACR

This awesome app caught my eye and I think Cube Call Recorder ACR should be on my list. Nowadays if you purchase a new phone then call recorder comes pre-installed on your devices, but what if you want to record WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Line Calls. To fix this you can install this app Cube Call Recorder ACR for free. Also if you are using old Android device and want to record phone calls then you are lucky because this app also works on older devices. The only downside of this application is it’s embedded with ads and also it contains in-app purchases. But I am sure you will love Cube Call Recorder ACR app because of its features.

5. HappyMod Android App

Well, I don’t support any mods because it destroys Gaming experience, also mods are against Company Term and Conditions. But some users like modded games, because they don’t want to wait for long to complete missions and also there are some users who don’t like to pay a dime for games. So if you are one of them then you will probably love this HappyMod Android App. Unlike other 4 apps, HappyMod app is not available on Google Play Store because it violates Google Play Terms and Conditions. By installing HappyMod App, you will get access to 100+ popular modded games and the best part is every game are updated by their Teams.

So here is a list of 5 Android Apps that you must try and also let me know what you think about these apps in the comment session.

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